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I was toying a bit to get proper documentation. The magic of the Internet. You should get another finder window that looks like this:.

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You should get an image that looks like this pop up:. All you have to do now is double click on the PokemonInsurgeance wrapper that you created and the game itself should run. Right click the app, click show package contents. Open that, and click Advanced. Can you help me?

Pokemon Black Version 2 - Nintendo DS (NDS)

Screen Shot at 2. Select the windows core folder and click ok. Hi everyone, I posted this elsewhere but thought here would be more appropriate. I followed the instructions exactly as written above along with the ones in this link:.

However, in both cases, opening the game simply results in it sitting in the dock and not responding until I force shut off my mac. It is completely unresponsive though it shows it is running. I am out of ideas and am wondering if you have any other tips.

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If anyone knows a solution please let me know. I had issues updating the wrapper via wineskin itself. Create a new wrapper and copy and paste the Insurgence folder from the older wrapper into the new wrapper.

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  4. Thanks for that. Unfortunately, I have already tried both of those ideas.

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    The first one worked properly but was unsuccessful in fixing my issue. The second method you suggested, on the other hand, simply did not work at all.

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    Whether the fault of my computer or the content of the package itself Or maybe I just am doing it wrong…? I have little experience in this type of computer work, it would not allow the transfer of files between wrappers. Try running 2. Im having a huge issue. Anyone know how to fix this? Why not throw in a Benjamin and play the 3DS games too?

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    But that's just me. The DS has a pretty nice selection of games, but I would say that if you've got no system at all, grab a 3DS. Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion.

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    TankZorz Follow Forum Posts: Almost all DS games can be played on the 3DS. That's what I use to play pokemon. P walrein Go with the Lite because the bulky ones are hard to find and also pretty crappy.