Disc drive not working mac mini

To clean out the DVD drive for slot drives just get a compressed air can that has one of those straw like tube with it.

Force the system to find a 'lost' optical drive - Mac OS X Hints

Then just blow out toward the Earth direction. Hi, Done Safe Boot, cleaned out the optical drive with compressed air and still it's not working! How do you do this? Mac OS X Version Does it cost a lot of money to repair? This will not help you in the least but I would just like to say you are not alone because I am experiencing the exact same problem. If you find a solution to your problem I would be very grateful if you told me about it via this thread.

No one asked what computer model is in use.

Cd/dvd Drive Not Working!

If you have a recent model MacBook you may be suffering what many others are fighting with, and things may have stopped working after a firmware update. I am dealing with the same issue, though it doesn't affect every data disk I insert and nor does it spit out every blank disk DVD or CD , just some If the drive is damaged and not under warranty the cost of replacement will be determined mostly by the computer model.

A desktop tower Mac Pro, G4 say will take significantly less time to deal with than a laptop The suggestion regarding System Profiler is the fist step you should follow. And if all is reported as being well and the optical drive is recognised as being there, then it may be that it needs to be replaced. I would also try the following just so you know you have tried most of the standard repair procedures: When the procedure is finished you may receive a message that no repairs were necessary, or that repairs were successful I cannot remember the exact phrases.

You may have to reset your computer clock after this procedure. This will provide the necessary information on how to proceed.

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This is, basically: In Disk Utility, select the computer's hard drive in the list. Click First Aid. I want to see a clean bill of health in the Permissions repair summary. In fact, I never Verify permissions. I go straight for Repair. I don't see the point of checking something that almost always has something to fix. A PMU reset is not the same on every computer so we will need to know what Mac model is in use.

Good luck Reagrds Anthony. Reply With Quote. Chiarascuro Registered Jun 23, Hi, I'm having the exact same problem. It started after I installed Toast 7. I used the Toast, but the problem started the next time I restarted my machine. I am on an Mac Pro using I thought maybe the drive had gone bad, so I installed another drive that I had taken out of a G5 Mac and I still have the same problem.

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I have tried resetting the PRam 3 times in a row , using DiskUtility to fix permissions and neither has helped. It just says "The disc you inserted is not readable by this computer. Can anyone figure this one out? Hello, Some problem as almost everyone else. I have a MacbookPro that is about 2. Here are some quick system profile stats: I'm not sure what the stats for the optical drive are. So I've gathered from reading several forums that this isn't that uncommon for Macs, however, one thing that is slightly different about my condition from everyone else's is that CD's work fine for me I can read and burn them , but DVD's don't work at all.

It just hums inside for a little while and then it spits is out. I remember noticing this first time maybe weeks ago.

Mac Mini won't read cd's or DVD's

I've tried resetting PRam. I've tried fixing permissions. I've tested the DVD drive in a new user account. I haven't had any new firmware updates. I've tried "Running fsck in single user mode". I ran Onyx a week ago and it said that there were some files that needs correcting, but I just ran it again and it verifies my S. Status of Structure of Volume. However, the is difficult when your drive doesn't read a DVD. Here is an article that addresses how to reinstall the OS with a different computer: Macbook Pro I once tried to install Leopard from my mom's disc but it was blocked because it was for a Macbook Is it possible that a disc drive has two components: I remembered that for some high power consuming devices, Mac OS requires the laptop is plugged in before it will provide enough power for the external device to run properly.

I disconnected the DVD drive, connected my laptop to the power adapter, rebooted just to be safe The famous tech support mantras prevail again, "Have you tried turning it on and off again? You probably have it solved by now but it's good to have this up here for reference since this thread was the first resource I found on google for the problem.

I registered for this site specifically so that I could leave a reply saying how incredibly useful your post was. Like you I had the same problem and googled - the original question popped up and I checked the Finder settings etc. Then I read your reply. The external drive appeared to be working - the light came on and the file lists appeared in the Finder, but it wouldn't play the disc.

I realise if I'd first tried it with the mains power plugged in then I'd never have understood why it didn't work another time without the power supply. When having some difficulty with an external drive, try using a different power cord. Presto change-oh, it now works. Also Ive tried to find information on the disk drive and I cant find anywhere that tells me the drives region code! For instance, a couple years ago, my uncle got a new MBP that didn't have the CD super drive built in. So he bought the external apple super drive.

Check your disc

I thought, one friday when they were out at a live music thing, Hmm let's see what happens if I plug this drive into my older MBP. I plugged it in, and it would activate, but when I put the disc into the drive and let it do it's thing, nothing happened. I couldn't eject the disc, and the only way to do it was to restart the mac and hold down the eject key on the keyboard, and it would pop out the disc.

The best thing I can tell you is that these drives sometimes do not work with older machines, I have no idea why, but they don't. I told my uncle what happened, and he was like "hmm that's weird.

Maybe try buying the apple super drive and see if it works. Hi all, I tried all the suggestions here, and none of it is working: My computer is not showing that it recognizes it anywhere. I had the exact same problem as 8. I turned the drive upside down with the Apple icon underneath instead of on top.

Now the top is silver in color and without any graphics or markings.

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However, it puzzles me that even when it's working, there is nothing visible on the screen. And I can connect or disconnect the cable for the external DVD without getting any kind of prompt or error message. Skip to main content.

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