Rented movie on ipad transfer to mac

Another restriction on transfers involves where your device is synced.

Can I Move An iTunes Movie Rental To Another Device?

If one of the devices you wish to transfer to is not registered to your iTunes account then you will be unable to transfer the movie successfully. You can choose from new releases and catalog titles, with select films available in HD.

How to transfer movies from iPad Mini to Mac? How to transfer iPad movies to Macbook?

Some movies do have subtitles and these movies containing subtitles will be noted either in the movie title, or within the Plot Summary of the movie. If a movie you rented has subtitles, you can easily change settings in iTunes preferences to enable subtitles to display in videos that come with subtitles.

To transfer a rented movie from iTunes, use the movies pane in iTunes. Rented movies transfer is at the top. You must have an Internet connection to transfer a rented movie. Rented movies can only exist on one device at a time, they do not sync like other video, but move from iTunes to the iPad Mini.

How to Rent a Movie from iTunes: Everything You Need to Know

Is there anyway to just watch it on a Mac which is authorised on the same Apple ID? Not neccessarily to transfer it?

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I have airserver app on my Mac, but when I try AirPlaying it to the Mac, it opens a window that looks like QuickTime but isn't , and says Can't play Content not authorized. The only method for transferring rentals is between two devices is when you start by renting it from a computer. This is detailed at the end of a quite large knowledge base article under the section worded Can I play my rental on more than one device?

It is not transferable to any other device or computer.

Can You Put Rented iTunes Movies on an iPad Mini?

You can get help from Apple to accomplish this move if you are not certain if your software is the correct version or are having difficulties with your account. They might issue a one time refund, but this isn't intended to be something you can regularly do. If you have a TV and an Apple TV, your best alternative might be to AirPlay the movie, but on Lion, you will need third party software like AirServer to get video and music from your iOS device your phone in this case to play on the mac.

Please research this option well especially the returns policy before buying , since it says it plays videos and it may not work with protected content like a movie rental.

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No, AirServer, AirPlayer, or another of the dozens of applications that turn your mac into an airplay server won't work due to missing content protection. If you had an apple tv you'd probably be able to use airplay for that. Since that doesn't work, then your next best bet is probably to use the HDMI AV adapter kit to watch on a tv or monitor. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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Rented movie not transfering from PC/iTunes to ipad

How to watch an iPhone rental on a Mac? Ask Question. I foolishly forgot that renting a movie on an iPhone meant you had to watch it on that phone.