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It features pan, filter, bitcrusher, phaser, grains, flanger, pichshifter and delay effects. Put it all together and you have complete FSU madness. This baby will smash your beats up in no time!

Download Dblue Glitch, a Free Multi Effects VST!

Download FXJockey. Lost Technology: The gate's continuous 'Smooth' feature lets you soften the transitions between the gaps, allowing you to fine-tune its response for different pattern speeds. For a more extreme and unexpected effect, the 'Glitch' control allows you to rhythmically alter the playback speed of your track, creating interesting host-synced pitch-shifting effects at different speeds, introducing multiple aliased frequencies in the process. The 'Space' control at the end of the chain gives you six multi-tap delay presets with different filtering and panning to create more elaborate patterns and expand the stereo image of your track.

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All in all, Glitch lets you transform your tracks in unexpected ways, giving new and exciting creative options. Plugin Boutique do not have nor do they claim any association with or endorsement by these brands.

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Any goodwill attached to those brands rest with the brand owner. Plugin Boutique or its Suppliers do not accept any liability in relation to the content of the product or the accuracy of the description. Its high-fidelity audio output and wide array of soundscapes has made it one of the most popular glitch plugins on the market. With 10 available effects, all fully customizable with a simple and intuitive layout, the wealth of combined features in Glitch 2 is hard to match with any other single VST!

In fact, it now features a new and improved sequencer which can play multiple effects simultaneously!

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On top of everything, you can also easily download heaps of completely free presets to get yourself started. The infinite amount of presets and combined effects on Glitch 2 makes this plugin truly special with endless possibilities and fun to be had. Do you want to learn music production faster than ever? You can click and drag on any section of squares in a row, and the effect will be applied to your sound when the squares are hit. As shown above, you can organize Glitch by beats how many bars Glitch will work until it loops back to the beginning and DIVISIONS how many squares, and therefore new effects, can be applied within each beat.

If you choose four beats, Glitch 2 will loop back to the beginning every four beats.

FSU madness

Choosing a higher amount of divisions will mean Glitch 2 can perform more effects inside one beat. The main screen, as shown above, is where you decide what effects are applied to the sound and at what time.

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  • You can click and highlight the squares as needed and right-click to remove them. In the picture above, the time is split into four beats. Then it will loop back and start the same pattern again.

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    As a further example, the delay effect highlighted in purple would occur on beats one and two but would NOT occur on beats three and four. With a lot of slope and mix options, this powerful function enables you to control exactly how the effect is shaped! Choose from no filter, lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and band-stop shapes. Additionally, you have the option to copy and paste different filter settings from other effects you may have designed earlier.

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    The function of this section is pretty simple. It randomly cues any of the 9 other effects in Glitch 2. It will switch between them at any random time. On the bottom, you have knobs that adjust how well you can hear each effect. You can have a lot of fun with this feature.